Margaret Tait reading from The Hen and the Bees (1960)




‘The Scale of Things’



‘Spring 1958’

‘Queen of Fact and Story’

‘Queen on Horseback’

‘The Queen and Her Courtiers’

‘Storytelling Queen’

‘Warrior Queen’

‘Sea Queen’

‘Queen’s King and King’s Queen’

‘The Roving King’s Queen’

‘Sea-Going King’s Queen’

‘The Queen and All the Children’

‘Queen Alone’

‘The Princess’s Activities’

‘A Queen in Prison’

‘The King’s Discovery’



‘Loki Beside the Standing Stone’


‘Sound of Children Sobbing’

Courtesy of Orkney Library and Archive. The recordings were digitised by Sarah Neely in 2011 with support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, AH/I002847/1.