For Margaret


Margaret Tait, The Drift Back, 1957. Courtesy of the Margaret Tait estate and LUX.

Event Details

Friday 9 November 2018


Portgower Hall, Helmsdale, hosted by Timespan

Join us for an afternoon celebration of the pioneering Orcadian poet and filmmaker Margaret Tait. This event will feature a selection of poems read by Peter Todd and Sarah Neely, plus a programme of Tait’s films chosen by Todd, including: Aerial (1974), The Drift Back (1957), John MacFadyen (1970) and Splashing (1966).

Helmsdale and Sutherland played an important role in Tait’s life, having passed through the area as a child on her way from Orkney to Edinburgh, where she was sent to for schooling. In the 1960s, she settled there for some time, making films of the area and screening these at Portgower Hall.

Peter Todd is a London-based filmmaker, who was also a friend of Margaret Tait. Dr Sarah Neely is a Senior Lecturer in Film at the University of Stirling and author of Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait.