Margaret Tait: Film Poet


Margaret Tait, A Portrait of Ga, 1952. Courtesy of the Margaret Tait estate and LUX.

Event Details

Wednesday 14 November 2018


The Gable End Theatre, for Film Focus Festival, Orkney

Introduced by Dr Sarah Neely, Film Poet showcases the full breadth of work produced by Tait. Drawn from over thirty short experimental films produced by Tait during her lifetime, this selection of films form part of the body of work Tait referred to as her ‘film poems’. Filmed across the two places Tait lived and worked for most of her life, Edinburgh and Orkney, Tait’s films capture the people and places she was familiar with.

The programme includes: Three Portrait Sketches (1951), A Portrait of Ga (1952), Where I am is Here(1964), Aerial (1974), Colour Poems (1974), Tailpiece (1976).

Dr Sarah Neely is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Stirling and author of Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait.